To furnish and maintain facilities in the education and public sectors, Mormax offers access to the quality products you need. Classroom supplies, furniture, and cleaning products provide an optimal environment. We’ve been in business since 1922, so we know a thing or two about servicing the educational and public sectors as a primary distributor of quality products.

Exceptional Janitorial Supplies

In educational and public sector facilities, spills and scuffs happen. In well-traveled passages, messes and dirty spaces allow germs to spread quickly. Your janitorial staff need a constant supply of the high-quality janitorial supplies that Mormax offers, such as: cleaning chemicals, Hand sanitizer, soaps, mops, brooms, wipes and sponges.

Education and Public Sector Facility Maintenance and Safety

Keeping students and staff healthy and safe depends on prompt and thorough facility maintenance solutions: everything from changing light bulbs to emptying trash cans to correcting temperature, lighting, or acoustics problems. Examples of facility maintenance considerations include: lighting, heating and cooling, safety and security.

Large Open Sunlit University Library


Elementary School Classroom Desks

Elementary Schools

Colorful Daycare Room With Blocks And Toys

Daycare Facilities

Mormax is your best option for quality products that create a modern engaging environment. We offer top-notch solutions to the challenges of choosing furniture, janitorial supplies, and other items needed for the maintenance and security of your property, all at an affordable price. We remain committed to the values of honesty and integrity. For quality products delivered on time and on budget, get in touch with Mormax today.