Hospitality Supplies for Your Property

The Mormax Company is your supplier for hospitality supplies for luxury properties, commercial properties, and public access spaces. Our products include essentials including but not limited to linens and bedding to dinnerware, glassware, and furniture. Mormax is also the premiere supplier for custom power and charging fixtures and modern led lighting options.

Hospitality Supplies

Hospitality supplies encompass a wide range of products and services designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. This includes everything from linens and bedding to dinnerware, glassware, and furniture. Whether you're running a hotel, restaurant, or catering business, having access to high-quality hospitality supplies is essential for creating a comfortable, enjoyable experience for your guests.

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Power & Charging Fixtures

Power and charging fixtures are an essential part of any modern hospitality business. With guests increasingly reliant on their devices, providing convenient and accessible power and charging solutions is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction. Hospitality businesses can choose from a wide range of power and charging fixtures, including USB charging ports, power strips, and wireless charging pads.

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Commercial Furniture

Commercial furniture plays a vital role in the hospitality industry. Whether you're running a hotel, restaurant, or other hospitality business, choosing the right furniture creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for your guests. Commercial furniture is specifically designed to meet the demands of heavy use and frequent cleaning, while also providing functionality and style.

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LED Lighting

LED lighting it the standard in today’s luxury hospitality properties and commercial spaces. With products ranging from led bulbs, lighting fixtures, ambient lighting, and general-purpose lighting, we offer a product for every customer. Illuminate your hospitality property with modern, innovative, energy efficient LED lighting.

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Commercial Supplies

Commercial supplies are an essential component of the hospitality industry. Commercial supplies encompass a wide range of products, including food service equipment, linens, cleaning supplies, and more. With a focus on durability, functionality, and style, commercial suppliers offer products that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry.

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My favorite part about working with Mormax is the people. FUN, down-to-earth, trustworthy, and accountable people. They make me feel like family and not just another sale.

Cathlin Ongkowidjojo

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A CompanyBuilt to Last.

With every great company comes a great story and ours began on the docks of New York harbor in 1922. Since then, we have outlasted and overcome the Great Depression, World War II, the Oil Embargoes of the 1970's, the Dot-Com Bubble, Financial Crisis, and now a Global Pandemic. The current management team of Seth Nuland and Adam Mischel, proudly carry on the principals of the founders, Morris Sackser and Max Bertash.

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