Multiple Electricity Plugs On Adapter Risk Overload

Plug & Outlet Types

Learn different types of plugs & outlets and where they are primarily used in the world.

Metro Light And Power Outlet Configurator

Metro Light & Power Outlet Configurator

See how easy it is to configure your own custom outlets in various colors.

Metro Light And Power Led Headboard Reading Lights Mounted

Reading Lights

Learn more about our compact, streamlined designs featuring a unique ball-in-socket mount that provides 360° directional adjustability.

Metro Light And Power Outlets Plug And Play

What is Plug-N-Play?

Learn how our simple and sophisticated Plug-N-Play products work.

Usb C Cable Plug And Phone Charging Port Close Up

Everything you need to know about USB-C

USB-C is the new standard for power delivery, and it’s being implemented in more and more devices. But what is USB-C? How does it work? And how do you charge devices with it?